About Us

Manzoor Law Book House is a leading publisher of law books in Pakistan, and specializes in a wide range of professsionals and students’ editions of law books that are written by some of the most highly qualified, talented and renowned authors of Pakistani academia.

We has catalogue of books covers almost every topic in law, and published many titles. Our catalogue of books includes names of eminent personalities of law We have pioneered in publishing books on topics such as Environmental Law, Intellectual Property and other law books on banking, civil, criminal etc. even before they became a part of curriculum. The firm also offers some law books for the laypersons as almost everybody is dealing with legal issues on a daily basis and yet does not know how to tackle these problems. In addition, some books of related subjects, written by experts of that area, are a value-addition provided by our publishing house. These books are penned in very easy language and many such books are in the pipeline.

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